Ecomfort Offers First Green Entry into Billion Dollar Memory Foam Mattress Market

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ecomfort today announced the launch of the revolutionary line of EcomfortTMearth-friendly mattresses featuring EcoMemoryFoam.TM Launching at World Market in Las Vegas this week (Bldg. C, Studio 1584), Ecomfort is setting a new industry standard for energizing sleep with the first plant-based memory foam mattresses, pads and pillows on the market. Ecomfort offers customers an environmentally friendly sleep product that is made in the U.S.A. and is more comfortable than older memory foam products. The companys patent-pending processes save more fossil fuels and are kinder to the environment than any competing product.

28 percent of consumers now prefer a memory foam mattress* and Ecomfort is offering this huge group their first eco-friendly option, said Jeff Scorziell, president of Ecomfort. Hundreds of companies today are considering changes in infrastructure, manufacturing and delivery to become more Green. But at Ecomfort we want to do more than follow a trend we want to set the industry standard for earth-friendly memory foam products.

Ecomforts proprietary EcoMemoryFoam conserves energy, employs patented zero emissions technology in themanufacturing and refining process, uses other sustainable resources like bamboo for product materials, and even uses pre-consumer recycled products in its base layer. Ecomfort has also reduced their mattress shipping footprint by 80 percent to save fuel with each shipment. In addition, the companys U.S.-based manufacturing facilities save large amounts of fuel compared to their competitors who ship mattresses from the Far East.

With over 20 years of experience in medical industry sleep systems, Ecomfort founder David Farley has a passion for improving the quality of peoples sleep. Ecomfort utilizes the patent-pending Neutral Posture Support System, which is scientifically designed with seven support zones to relieve the stress on your back muscles. Using open cell technology, the mattress also breathes and helps you sleep cooler.

In the past, environmentally friendly products have not always been friendly on the pocketbook, typically costing more than their counterparts, said Scorziell. But with Ecomforts EcoMemoryFoam, we are proving that doesnt have to be the case, since these mattresses cost less than traditional memory foam products.

Today, almost 25 percent of sleep products sold are specialty sleep products, creating a $2.6 billion market*. Almost half of those sales are memory foam products that use older, less eco-friendly processes and materials. Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products has grown rapidly in recent years, and48% of consumers indicate they will purchase Green if given the choice**. Ecomfort is proud to offer consumers the highest quality, most comfortable, eco-friendly memory foam products on the market. Listen to a podcast to hear more about how EcoMemoryFoam is revolutionizing the memory foam industry.

About Ecomfort

Ecomfort, the mattress division of Anatomic Global, Inc., is setting an industry standard by manufacturing the EcoMemoryFoam line of comfortable plant-based memory foam mattresses, pads and pillows. Ecomfort mattresses utilize the patent-pending Neutral Posture Support System, which is scientifically designed with seven support zones to relieve stress on your back muscles. Patented zero-emissions technology is used to create the coolest-sleeping, most supportive memory foam beds available. For more information, visit

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