Kat Von D tattoo shop fire blazes as Kat strikes out when inundated by reporters - Hartford Top News

Kat Von D, which is a name thats not been in the headlines for quite some time, flipped out at reporters who were standing in front of her tattoo business, High Voltage, which was severely damaged in a fire. The fire started in the wee hours of the morning Thursday. Firefighters responded to the blaze engulfing her tattoo parlor, which some of you remember as the setting of her TV show LA Ink. The call came in at about 4 a.m. for the firefighters to go to the 1200 block of North La Brea Avenue in Los Angeles, according to Web Pro News on Oct. 24.

Kat became angry when arriving on the scene hours after firefighters first started to fight this fire and she became angry with the reporters standing outside of the burning building covering the story. When Kat arrived on the scene the reporters and photographers gravitated toward the ink artist, probably as Kat was trying to digest what she was seeing.

A video obtained by TMZ showed Kat knocking a hat off a female reporters head and screaming at the paparazzi to get the cameras out of her face. Kat was heard yelling, You guys want a f***ing interview, seriously? Kat could be heard saying. You guys, come on. Have some f***ing respect. Seriously, do you feel better about yourself? Oh yeah, get the lens, you f***ing idiot.

It was right after that outburst that she knocked the hat off the reporters head while saying Dude, you guys are awful. Your mother should be embarrassed. Late Thursday Kat took to Twitter and tweeted That which does not kill us makes us stronger. @highvoltagetat. She posted a picture of her hand along with her employees hands in a circle.

She also posted the same picture on LA Inks site and thanked everyone for their love and support and said they would be back up and running soon. The fire, which is under investigation, was put out without any injuries reported, according to ACE Showbiz today.

Anyone who watched Kats reality show knows that her High Voltage tattoo parlor was a big part of her life. She worked hard to get where she was and for it to go up in smoke probably devastated her, at least when she first arrived to the scene.

The tattoo parlor became famous nationwide when Kats show took TLC by storm for four seasons before the plug was pulled on another season. Kat managed the shop along with an array of colorful characters that worked alongside of her and those who came into the shop to get tattooed.

She became headline news for a stretch a while back when she became engaged to Jesse James, Sandra Bullocks ex-husband. That ended horribly for Kat after James continued with his womanizing ways and it broke her heart, but she buried herself in her work and she came back stronger than ever.