Based on the above results and

The elemental composition and chemical status of the as-prepared samples were examined by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). Fig. 4a–e shows the XPS spectra of the Ag/AgCl-Bi2MoO6 sample. The survey spectrum in Fig. 4a demonstrates that AZD7545 the main elements in the sample are Bi, Mo, O, Ag, Cl and C. Fig. 4b shows Bi 4f XPS spectrum of sample Ag/AgCl-Bi2MoO6, two peaks are observed at approximately 159.2 eV and 164.5 eV, which are ascribed to the Bi 4f7/2 and Bi 4f5/2 binding energies, respectively. Fig. 4c gives the binding energies of Mo 3d5/2 and Mo 3d3/2 peaks in the samples, which are located at 232.4 and 235.4 eV, respectively [37]. Fig. 4d presents Ag 3d XPS spectrum of Ag/AgCl-Bi2MoO6 sample, two peaks are observed at approximately 367.1 eV and 373.1 eV, which are ascribed to the Ag 3d5/2 and Ag 3d3/2 binding energies, respectively. Each of the peaks could be further deconvoluted into two peaks, at about 367.1/368.2 eV and 373.1/374.2 eV, respectively. The peaks at 367.1 eV and 373.1 eV can be attributed to Ag+, whereas the peaks at 368.2 eV and 374.2 eV can be ascribed to Ag0, similar results have also been reported by other groups [17], [38] and [39]. The Cl 2p spectrum (Fig. 4e) of the Ag/AgCl-Bi2MoO6 sample shows temporal lobe the binding energies of Cl 2p3/2 and 2p1/2 are approximately 198.0 eV and 199.8 eV, respectively. The XPS results confirm the existence of Ag0 in the sample Ag/AgCl-Bi2MoO6, which consistent with the XRD results (Fig. 1).