What Makes El Gigante Mod Breathtaking?

At long last, after so much anticipation, the El Gigante Mod has arrived. It's beautiful, ground-breaking and with impressive performance, it's really a force to reckon with in the 26650 market. The truth is, as far as the mechanical mods are concerned, its good quality build and innovative developments are totally new. It is solid and durable given that it's made from high quality materials. It includes a stainless slant top cap with detachable brass section that's very versatile.

The El Gigante is lightweight in size and is actually small for a 26650 mod. Its unique top cap makes it much simpler, faster and pain-free to adjust the battery rattle. It features a floating pin and has a 22mm brass removable insert that moves up and down and which could also be used to support a hybrid adapter should you have one. It also makes it easier for you to adjust how high or low the atomizer sits in the top cap. You can choose to have it sit flush, recessed slightly down into the cap, or with an atomizer that is smaller than 22mm, you can recess the center part and it'll function just as great.

The El Gigante mod’s switch is another interesting feature of the unit which is entirely different from others. For starters, it nails from inside and if you want, it can also be set completely recessed in the tube. This is basically the reason why, as stated, the El Gigante is smaller for its size. Then again, it's a good thing because the unit is very very easy to hold and grip.

The El Gigante mod has the quirky engraving “I’m not smoking I’m vaping” logo in its tube which is quite awesome. However, if it is not your personal style, you can get versions that don’t have this etching at all.

On the negative aspect, the El Gigante Mod might not be very user friendly. And since it doesn’t have a locking function, you should be careful with the switch especially when placed on uneven surfaces. Generally speaking, El Gigante mod is suitable for those looking for a flexible and durable mod but don’t want to spend so much. Normally priced under $25, the El Gigante mod certainly offers excellent bang for your buck.

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