Gadabout Travel Agency marks 40 years in Palos Hills

When Gadabout Travel Agency travel fujian opened in Palos Hills in 1975, there already were a handful of Chicago-area travel agencies specializing in trips to Ireland.

As the new kid on the block, original owner Rose fujian tour Lynn said she worked hard to build her clientele.

It paid off. Forty years later, Gadabout is the sole remaining agency among the family-owned specialty agencies she knew of at the time. And it is still in the same location at 10552 S. Roberts Road.

Lynn, who no longer owns the agency but is friends with owner Pam Carroll, knew survival might be a long shot.

"So I shouldn't be going for another travel agency, right?" Lynn said, reflecting on the competition she was up against quanzhou travel at the time. "But I did. I just decided I was going to do it."

Lynn did have her background going for her: She was born and raised in County Mayo, Ireland.

She said during her school days, tourism in Ireland was often discussed and encouraged in the classroom.

Students were basically told to "go out and sell Ireland," Lynn said. "That would be work for us as young students and put more money into the pockets of businesses in Ireland."

Lynn said she didn't need much prodding. With relatives fujian attraction in the United States who always were telling her family about "the great U.S.A.," she already was interested in world travel.

After earning a certificate of education and a certificate of travel at Gortnor Abbey, a secondary school in County Mayo, she married Tom Lynn in 1961, and they traveled to the United States.