A Closer Look At Seiko Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive SRG019P2 Men's Watch

A Closer Look At Seiko Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive SRG019P2 Men

The Seiko Sportura Kinetic Direct Drive SRG019P2 is one of those pieces that does its job with ardent care and offers its wearer with a great legibility. “Then, why didn’t we see it on the media?” - You must be thinking. It’s simple. Seiko doesn’t spend its resources on marketing that much as it does on research and development. Insignificant dalliance is not their cuppa.


Seiko is sincere in its offerings. Their complications are anything but superficial; they are meant to serve specific purposes rather than just being eye-candy. Being redundant and killing the pleasures of crafting a substantial timepiece is against Seiko’s watch-making heritage and ethics; there’s nothing that Seiko makes is a piece of pernicious trash.


The Kinetic – this is for absolute rookies – is a movement that twists intelligently the very ideas of quartz and mechanical movements; here, the rotor of the mechanical automatic movements is hooked to a gear-train that magnifies the number of the turns and drives a small, electric generator. This creates electrical charges that are stored in an E.S.U or electrical storage unit, which again powers a quartz-based circuit. This is the secret of the Kinetic movement. An endless supply of power helps to keep the factory seal intact and this preserves the originality and longevity of your watch.


All right, enough with the basics. Now we move to the watch.


By now you must have understood the Seiko Chronograph Alarm Watch family is an amazingly appealing one at extremely reasonable prices. Whatever reasons you might try to come up with for not owning it is not going to be sufficient. Just consider three things: the beautiful design, its functionality and the finishing – and you’ll be sold on it within no time.


The overall charcoal black getup and leather strap indicates this is not for the average laid-back bozo; it’s meant for the man of action! A steel bracelet – how much ever good it might look with high-flown apparel, is not always a suitable choice when doing the rough job. That’s to say, it will keep distractions away and shall never come to hinder your free movements. The polished steel and black combo does away with just everything, so it’s not just you’ll be able to wear it while moving mountains. It allows you to wear it even when you are passing the dessert.


Let’s see the plus points of the Seiko Kinetic Chronograph Watch. The Kinetic movement aside, it has real high-contrast hands for an immense legibility. Just that much? No; it also makes it very rich in its finish and hence, immensely attractive. The black dial wins again!


But cutting out on all the praises, what’s the prime reason you should go for the Seiko Flightmaster Direct Drive SRG019P2? Just one reason should suffice – It’s a higher-end, entry-level watch with a comparatively restrained, sporty design that’s at par with the times!


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