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Today's business telephone system is quickly becoming obsolete because it ties people down to the physical location of the company (Source: Business Phone Systems from Ideacom Solutions Group). In order to thrive in the 21st century, companies of all sizes are embracing the features of VoIP technology that make it easy to conduct business on the go. By 2018, industry experts predict that revenue from the VoIP market will surpass $20 billion dollars annually. This bold prediction is due to overwhelmingly positive response to the flexibility, better call quality, and cost savings that VoIP offers over traditional business telephone systems.

VoIP is Poised to Support Emerging Trends

The increased use of VoIP technology has created the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend, which emerged from an increasingly mobile workforce. As of early 2015, one in five office workers in America work from home. This number is expected to increase by more than 60 percent by 2020. When companies have BYOD enabled, it allows them to have one central landline telephone number that is transferred to the appropriate person regardless of his or her location. At the same time, it gives customers and shareholders the impression that everyone is working together under the same roof.

Cost Savings to Enhance the Bottom Line

Every business is concerned with cutting expenses while still delivering a quality product or service. By trading in an outdated phone system for VoIP communications, company owners can streamline several operations that trim away excess spending and add to the profitability of the business. If the company uses ATS, CRM, or other core applications, it's simple to configure VoIP with the functionality needed to enable employees to boost their productivity. The ability to achieve more in less time further improves the company's bottom line.

Making regular long-distance calls is an everyday occurrence for businesses that want to compete in a global economy. In the past, the high cost of speaking to clients around the country and across the world was cost-prohibitive for many business owners. Today, VoIP technology provides unlimited calling at one flat rate for both local and long-distance calls. Not only is placing calls with VoIP up to 60 percent cheaper, it also allows user to avoid contractual and set-up fees.

Functionality to Fit the Modern Business

Today's business demands such features as mobile call forwarding, video conferencing, discreet call screening, and auto attendant. Video conferencing that provides audio and visual capabilities at the same time allows multiple participants in different locations to attend the same meeting virtually. Companies save on travel costs while efficiently conducting their business with this high-quality feature.

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