Early Look At The Top 10 Groups For The 2008 College Football Season

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The purpose that Bradford ought to be OU followers only problem is two fold. The first is that 2nd team quarterback Landry Jones bears a striking resemblance to a seventies porn star. The 2nd is that the Sooners will only fall to someplace between number eight and number twelve in the rankings and in what can only be known as a cruel twist of destiny, they will most likely still be ranked forward of, or in the same community with the group that defeat them. That's just the way that these issues work.

David Teel of the Daily Push reported that Virginia Tech head coach Frank Eventtechnik is most likely keeping Thomas abreast of the ongoing lookup for a new offensive coordinator, presumably in the hopes of discovering one that will bring Thomas back for his senior season.

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This year's draft class is devoid of any sure-fire NFL caliber quarterbacks and despite a sub par yr, Thomas is nonetheless regarded as an early round pick. NFL teams aren't stupid. They invest a lot of time and cash into researching draft picks. Some do a better job than other people, but no NFL team is going to draft Thomas with the illusion he'll be prepared to start as a rookie. Any group that drafts him will do so in the hopes of creating him into an eventual starter three or four seasons into his profession.

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