Droplet Brings Innovative Sprinkler System to the U.S. with Release of its Flagship Robotic Sprinkler Product


Robotics, the world's first smart sprinkler system, today announced

the availability of its flagship sprinkler system in the U.S. By

combining the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing and

connected services, Droplet transforms the way sprinkler systems

function. Unveiled globally in March, the Droplet Sprinkler System is

now available online at Amazon.com.

Droplet's unique smart sprinkler system provides an innovative way to

intelligently water plants while dramatically reducing water

consumption. Droplet leverages real-time data from more than 10,000

weather stations, millions of square miles of soil samples and

comprehensive plant biological information to make intelligent decisions

on when, where and how much water to deliver. The sprinkler system is

the perfect addition to any yard or garden, with unrivaled accuracy and

efficiency in a compact form (9"x9"x6") that only weighs six pounds.

With water rates doubling in the U.S. and many areas facing severe

drought, consumers are seeking ways to conserve water and reduce

out-of-pocket expenses. Droplet can cut overall household water use by

nearly half while reducing sprinkler system consumption up to 90

percent. In addition to substantial consumer cost savings, each

sprinkler system has the potential to save thousands of gallons of fresh

water per year.

"The Droplet Smart Sprinkler System defines an entirely new home

automation category and will redefine the lawn maintenance experience

for consumers," said Steve Fernholz, founder and CEO or Droplet

Robotics. "With 100 percent of the state of California in extreme

drought crisis, Droplet offers a simple and inexpensive way to reduce

water consumption without sacrificing your garden."

Powerful Performance

Droplet hooks directly onto any standard garden hose to effectively

water plants up to 30 feet away or entire lawns with a range of up to

approximately 2,700 square feet. Because of its superior technology,

Droplet only releases four gallons of water per minute to efficiently

distribute water without wasting resources.

Droplet is easily configured via Wi-Fi with an HTML5 experience, and

will release an iOS and Android App coming soon. You can order your

Droplet on Amazon.com today: http://www.amazon.com/Droplet-Robotics-DR01-Sprinkler/dp/B00IORFJBG/

About Droplet

Droplet Robotics' mission is to build smart products which help save

water in your day-to-day life. By leveraging enormous datasets on

Droplet servers, precision engineering in our devices and a practical

approach to solving problems, Droplet Robotics will make an impact in

the water usage of homeowners.