It could be also found from

It could be also found from Fig. 7(a) that Cinacalcet the mass ratio of Ag3PO4:WO3 had an obvious influence on the catalytic performance of Ag3PO4/3DOM-WO3 catalysts for the photodegradation of RhB. Compared with A3W7(270) and A7W3(270), the catalyst of A5W5(270) exhibited the highest catalytic activity and could decompose 10 ppm of RhB (degradation efficiency >99%) in 4 min under visible light irradiation. While for the catalysts of A3W7(270) and A7W3(270), 8 min and 6 min were required, respectively, under the same reaction conditions. These results can also be confirmed by the kinetic data curves shown in Fig. 7(b). It was observed that the photocatalytic degradation of RhB follows the pseudo first-order reaction. The rate constant k is calculated by the Langmuir–Hinshelwood model [ln(C0/C) = kt]. The kinetic rate constants on A3W7(270), A5W5(270) and A7W3(270) were about 0.70 min−1, 1.26 min−1 and 0.89 min−1, respectively, which were significantly higher than those over pure Ag3PO4 (0.095 min−1) and 3DOM-WO3 (0.019 min−1). The results suggest replication suitable mass ratio of Ag3PO4 to 3DOM-WO3 could improve the catalytic activity of the composite photocatalysts. In current catalytic system, the catalyst A5W5 exhibited the highest catalytic performance.