The novel Ag PO DOM WO composites could be

The novel Ag3PO4/3DOM-WO3 composites could be also used in the visible light photocatalytic water splitting for oxygen evolution. Fig. 14 shows the time courses of photocatalytic water oxidation on Ag3PO4 and A5W5(270) using AgNO3 as an Rimonabant scavenger. It could be found that in the first hour pure Ag3PO4 exhibited slightly higher water oxidation activity compared with A5W5(270). After 2 h, however, the oxygen evolution was prevented due to the complete covering of Ag3PO4 surface with metallic Ag derived from the electron scavenger used in the experiment (Ag+ + e− → Ag0). The similar result was also reported by Martin et al. [60] While for the composite catalyst A5W5(270), notably enhanced durability was presented in the photocatalytic water oxidation. The amount of oxygen evolution over A5W5(270) was comparable to Ag3PO4 for 2 h, and significantly exceed Ag3PO4 after 3 h. The catalyst A5W5(270) was observed to be not deactivated until 5 h. Thus the total amount of oxygen evolution over A5W5(270) was notably higher than Ag3PO4.