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Is the Stock Market Valentino Clutch Party Really Over I went to visit a terminally ill friend on Tuesday, who still perks up from time to time as glimmers of hope lift his mood. After all, to hope is to be pro life. This made me think of the complex world of investments a world where hope, unfortunately, has no role. If the stock market turns bearish and you're staying put with your whole position, and you're hoping that what you see is not really happening, then welcome to poverty city.

Not since buying my first stocks in 1968 have I experienced the stock market outlook to be as murky as we are experiencing today. economy on the doorstep of recession, and mounting inflation worries. economy/markets made its way into last week's article. It was not surprising that Nouriel Roubini remarked that it was time to move away from the soft landing versus hard Valentino Flats Sale landing discussion and start concentrating on how deep the coming recession would be. stock market index). This chart is based on monthly data which tends to be more helpful than daily or weekly series when trying to identify the stock market's primary trend.

click to enlargeThere are a number of interesting observations that one can make Valentino Rockstud Sandals from this graph:

The MACD indicator (bottom section of graph) has just given a sell signal as evidenced by the blue Valentino Shoes histogram bars falling below the zero line. These signals do not occur often the last one, a buy signal, was given in May 2003, and the sell signal before that happened in September 1999.

The more sensitive RSI (internal relative strength) oscillator (top section of graph) has fallen below 70, thereby giving its first sell signal since 1998. (A buy signal was registered four years Valentino Pumps later in 2002.)

The 20 and 40month moving averages (middle section of graph) are still Valentino Shoulder Bags intact, but these are