Regis Philbin on his Medical Outlook: "I'm not Alright"

Regis Philbin will undergo a medical procedure for a stomach issue. Philbin, 79, told Kelly Ripa he was not alright and needed to get checked out. Apparently, hes been battling an acid reflux-type stomach issue for some time now.

File:Regis Philbin at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.jpgBeing 79 is old, and with old age comes a barrage of health issues. Fortunately for Regis Philbin, his health issues havent been as serious as some other celebrities near his age (think Elizabeth Taylor).

Philbin went under the knife for hip replacement and heart surgery in recent years. Luckily, he recovered like a sports star and was able to return to television without so much as a whimper. With the admission that he was not alright on air, Regis is probably in pain.

Heres what the talk show host said to Kelly:

Ive got the indigestion problem. Its more than indigestion. I just decided yesterday to go in for a scopeSo annoying. Sometimes you have a meal and theres blockage and you cant get the food down. I have to drink the barium and theyll put me under the x-ray or MRI.

It sounds like a tough procedure for Regis. Lets hope its only acid-reflux issues and nothing more!

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