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These are not really shock collars anymore. As a matter of fact, a submissive cat in the home that has had enough and is about to fend for itself will oftentimes expand its pupils quickly just prior to attacking. The most distinctive feature of the breed is its spotting, and show quality Acicats must have perfect spots. She mated with her father and produced two more kittens. Still not sure how they pulled that one donne da scopare off. Cats are normally less energetic and much more graceful. There is now a solution for all common cat problems. They are caused when the collar is too tight and worn for too extended a period, often by simply leaving the collar on your dog all the time. Dalys daughter noticed a resemblance to an ocelot, and called the cat an Acicat. This will help in keeping them warm and free of dirt. By a little adjustment, however, we can greatly improve our relationship and make the cat feel much more relaxed in our presence. Therefore its vital to interpret the dilated pupil signal very carefully and to place it in context before interpreting it. Neutered cats are more prone to becoming obese, developing hair loss/alopecia, and developing osteosarcoma. The kittens were Abyssinians, but the litter included one odd spotted kitten in addition to the pointed Abyssinians intended. Other health complications associated with neutering include prostate cancer and the formation of stones in the urinary bladder.