War and Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Today's youth know very little of the war and sacrifice of the American solider, their view is more that of the Avenger's the war hero with the cool shield and motorcycle, but there is so much more to know.

The Harley Davidson motorcycle had been around for several years, but the war created a great need for it and so it's popularity for personal use grew.

In the 22nd Century when you say Harley Davidson, the first thing that comes to mind is motorcycle gangs or older retired adults enjoying the freedom of the road. It's history goes much deeper, a history that isn't taught in school books.

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle played a part from World War I to the Korean war. Not only did the American troops utilize them, but through and lend-lease program, their allies used them as well.

Today, American's enjoy them for recreation and many veterans and retired military enjoy them.


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