Origin of Chrimy

Happy moment are gone

yes they are gone!

covered with dark clouds of sorrow

my heart yearns for a caring person

a person who would fill my hear with joy, one who would make me happy

one who would feel my pain and understand what i go through when a tear drops from my eyes

one, who would be patient with me and not shout on top of his voice at me like i'm a trash!

would you not be hurt when your love, the one you find happiness in yells at you to go to hell?

would you not be? or you would be happy?  No, no i dont think so

happy moments are truly gone

covered in deep shades of pain

i wish i had someone who would love and accept me for who i am...

Yes, yes! i do have

that woman, the woman who carried me for nine months going through pains even during her delivery for me

and that man, the man who was chastized and whipped so i could be free and saved.

yes someone loves me, Christ loves me and Mummy loves me

I love Christ, I love Mummy

Christ- Chri    Mummy-my