Uche Pedro Is BellaNaija of Africa

Are you are interested in fashion or African lifestyle? If so, you most likely are familiar with BellaNaija (BN), Nigeria's most popular lifestyle and entertainment portal on the World Wide Web. With more than one million visitors per month, the website exploded on the scene a couple of years back and is still gaining in popularity. You can get the newest information about news, events of interest, music, and most matters important to the African lifestyle. But who is the person behind BN?

Until she wed son of Femi Pedro, Bode Pedro, former deputy governor of Lagos, in 2012 produced Uchenna Jennifer Eze, some 32 years ago, she was known as Uche Eze. Recently, the couple welcomed twins in their life, and she's now a wife, mom, and successful career woman.

After Uche graduated with distinction from Richard Ivey School of Business in Canada, in 2006, bellanaija came about by chance. She was between gradation and employment and filled the time by thinking of Africa. She's extremely enthusiastic about Africa and each year as she went home (during breaks from her studies) she noticed the incredible growth in fashion, entertainment, and increased political interest. Uche wanted to become a portion of that movement and so her Web portal was born.

Uche receives divine guidance each time she publishes stories of many battles and successes individuals of Nigeria deal with now. She also receives inspiration from God and family. Uche considers it's potential to achieve success with hard work. Additionally, honesty and ethics are very important to her.

She understands it's a challenge everyone, although success hasn't come for Uche. Sacrifices must be made to attain one's dreams in life, and readiness to accept this, can make all the difference. Additionally, it helps to surround yourself with women that are successful in so many various ways. These things have helped her become the woman she is today.

Lately, Uche has bellanaija appeared on CNN International, Seconds with Mo, Oprah's "Attractiveness Around the World, and has enjoyed many other impressive appearances. BellaNaija and Uche continue to be a role model for young people nowadays, especially those now struggling in Africa. She wants everyone to know that your life and livelihood aren't repaired onto one route. To achieve success, find your passion. Find your market that is unique and simply go for it. Someone may act upon your dreams and take them from you, when you spend too much time thinking about it.