The Mother Of Child Names Lists - Top Child Names Of-the 20th Century

We often see 'top lists' of infant names -- top five names of 2005, the trendiest, the greatest, the most used names of the decade -- and etc. Visitors find these lists forever amazing, often using such lists to aid them pick the name due to their own offspring. However now, in what is probably the primary appear-ance of the group of data, comes mom of all names lists: The Top 10-0 Baby Names Of-the 20th Century (USA). For parents who want to know what the truly enduring names are, at the least in the Usa, this is the list to overcome all databases.

This collection of information, spanning the years from 1900 to 1999, is based on an analysis performed by the writers of the child names site That 'best of the century' list, based on Social Security Card applications for births in-the United States, establishes and ranks the top 50 guys' names and the top 50 women' names spanning the complete 20th century. It was compiled using the same method as used by the Social Security Administration in producing their most popular names of the decade lists, i.e. by totaling the natural numbers. However in the investigation by Baby Names Garden, the time period studied is the entire 20th-century.

There are plenty of surprises: Donald in the # 1-3 all-time spot; Dorothy in the # 9 area for women, followed closely by Betty at # 1-0, to mention a few. It could surprise people to see Patricia at the # 2 all-time girl's place. Plus, there are some exciting trends revealed by the information, like the top 10 boys' names accounting for almost 35 million names within the century, as the top 10 girls' account for no more than 15 million names, obviously indicating the large selection of girls' names versus boys' names, going back to 1900.

Just as they are doing today, Biblical names produce a strong showing on-the number. On the boy's side, no less than six biblical names come in the all-time top ten; on the girl's side, two names have biblical origins. This discrepancy between boys' and women' biblical names, with boys' often being popular, holds true to-day.

Given the higher volatility over-time of women' names, it's perhaps not surprising to note that some celebrities of-the 20th Century, such as for example Linda, which ranks # 3 in the century, has fallen precipitously -- all the way to # 416 by 2005. Poor Betty, # 1-0 in the 20th Century, has fared even worse -- the name hasn't placed in the top 1000 since squeaking onto the list at # 918 in 1996.

What names remain warm? Amazingly, five children' names from the top dozen of the 20th Century - Michael, Daniel, Christopher, Joseph and William - are still in the top twelve today. For females, only Elizabeth (#12 in 2005) shows that kind of endurance. For more than 100 years, parents have been very conventional in selecting children' names but willing to take the opportunity o-n anything new when it comes to women' names. I found out about patent pending by browsing newspapers.

Just what exactly were the Top Baby Names of 20th Century? Listed below are the top ten for each gender:


1 James

2 John

3 Robert

4 Michael

5 William

6 David

7 Richard

8 Joseph

9 Charles

1-0 Thomas


1 Mary

2 Patricia

3 Linda

4 Barbara

5 Jennifer

6 Elizabeth

7 Margaret

8 Susan

9 Dorothy

10 Betty