Reviews of the Best Tattoo Aftercare Cream Kits

Now you've made the decision to get a new tattoo or have just had your amazing piece of art inked in the last few days, it's time to consider your tattoo aftercare. You probably paid a good few hundred dollars already for your art work. A typical day sitting with my Tattoo Artist is a flat $850, so a few more dollars on tattoo aftercare creams and lotions will be a smart investment, that will make your tattoo shine!

The moment your tattoo artist wraps your fresh tattoo at the end of your session, your new tattoo begins its healing process. Typically, a tattoo can take anywhere from three weeks to six weeks to heal itself. Than a further three months for your tattoo to be able to withstand the heat from the sun.

During the first week, your tattoo will need help to repair and regenerate itself. You will need to wash your tattoo with anti-bacterial wash and applying the appropriate tattoo aftercare cream and lotions.

I personally recommend using a tattoo kit. Keeping your tattoo clean and using the balms and lotions, has helped many of my tattoos heal nicely. I just wish I had of known about tattoo aftercare and the products a lot sooner!

There are box set or kits available for complete tattoo aftercare. Read on for reviews on three of the best kits available.

Your fresh tattoo, in its most basic form is an open wound and should be treated as such. The main reason your Tattoo Artist wrapped your tattoo once they were finished, was to give it some protection from infection creating particles that exist in your everyday environment.

When you're in a clean place i.e your bathroom, remove wrap and wash tattoo thoroughly with antibacterial foam wash.Allow to air dry for approximately one hour.Apply appropriate aftercare cream sparingly.Re-apply 3 - 5 times a day.Wash your new tattoo three times a day for the first 3 - 5 days.Continue applying aftercare cream when required, allowing any scabs or flaking skin to dry naturally. Do not apply aftercare cream to scabs.

By assisting your tattoo with minimal exposure to infection and the necessary moisture supplied by tattoo aftercare lotions, you're giving your tattoo its best chance at developing into a well healed tattoo with no damage or blow out.