Mass murderer Joran van der Sloot expects to be killed in prison soon

Joran Van Der Sloot, the Dutchman who was imprisoned in Peru recently for the death of a young woman there andthe prime suspect in the disappearance ofAlabama teen Natalee Holloway, fears he will either die of AIDS or be killed byinmates, the National Enquirer reports.

Heres what the tabloid reported:

Van der Sloot is terrified that he contracted AIDS during his frequent sex romps with prostitutes in Thailand. He ran a small restaurant there in 2008 and recruited young Thai women for the sex trade in his native Holland, a source close to the case revealed.

250,000 Thai women most of them prostitutes in the Phuket District have AIDS, according to statistics.

The 6-foot-5, van der Sloot has been jailed at the Castro Castro prison in Lima since June 11 after he confessed to killing Stephany Flores,21.

Van der Sloot like all inmates underwent a blood test and a complete medical exam, which was videotaped and released by police. Van der Sloot insisted his blood be tested for the AIDS virus, and insiders suspect he was hoping for a hospital transfer.

Even if hes clean now, van der Sloot is afraid he will contract the fatal disease at the Castro Castro prison. The Peruvian slammer is festering with brutal homosexual sex, withhalf the prisoners estimated to be HIV positive.

Joran fears being murdered in prison, the insider said.

In the Peruvian prison hellhole, sometimes Prisoners sometimes pay a prisoner with AIDS to rape another inmate they want to see dead. This costs about $10, an insider told The ENQUIRER.

The Enquirer also reported that van der Sloot has become the personal prison bitch of incarcerated Colombian hit man Hugo The Clown Trujillo Ospina,who, for now, is playing nice with the pretty Dutchman.

Theres only ONE reason Ospina would be nice to Joran, a source told The ENQUIRER. Joran obviously is doing sexual favors for Ospina.

Interesting. But why should the source stay anonymous? Theres little chance of Van Der Sloot coming after them. Is it someone who works in the prison, or one of the inmates? Could it be Hugo the Clown himself? Whats to fear by providing your name? If the prison is half as shady as the Enquirer makes it out to be, its not as if the warden will take any action after the news gets out about whats going on in there.

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