About Us

Xtraman Soccer Fundraising customers fully understand that fundraising discount cards with better discounts to more places, are easier to sell. And, we all know that the easier they are to sell, the more money you raise and the smoother your fundraiser goes. Today, we are proud to offer the Nation's #1 discount card fundraiser - more discounts than any other fundraising program.

With decades of experience in the fundraising industry, we continually found that supporters would much rather pay for something that saves them money at places they go to everyday, rather than OVER-PAYING for products they can easily get themselves (at the store down the street) like candles, cookie dough, candy, magazines, or catalog items.

Xtraman Fundraising was built on the vision of providing programs all across the country with an incredibly profitable fundraising program. We understand that fundraising is now more important than ever and for some programs to exist, they need to be successful at it. Your success is what it's all about and we do everything in our power to make sure it happens.

Because of the value and quality of our fundraising discount cards, most supporters go on to save hundreds over the course of a year. When supporters love the product you sell, they'll be back year after year asking for the next one. This is what our fundrasing cards create.


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