Sick and tired of the Same Old Wine? Here is another Prize-Winning Variety

Even before the movie 'Sideways' made wine tasting d-e rigueur, experts knew the worth of sipping and savoring a great wine.

But when you don't know a Beaujolais from the Bordeaux, then suggestions could be a welcome relief. Get more on company web site by going to our disturbing URL. To the end, why not consider the 2002 Samuele Cabernet Franc from Viansa Winery?

That wine delivers scents of violets and luscious tastes of blueberry and juniper. A blend of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot aged in oak barrels for 2-6 months makes this a rich and elegant wine with beautifully balanced tannins and acids.

Still maybe not convinced this wine is just a keeper? It was awarded a Gold Medal and chosen best of its class at the 2006 Jerry D. Mead New World International Wine Competition.

Established in 1990, the competition is available to wines produced anywhere in North America, Central America and South America, in addition to Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Should people claim to be taught extra resources about staples fundable, we know about lots of online resources you can investigate.

All wines are judged by price category, including inexpensive to advanced prices, with each wine being judged against its price peers and also against others of its type. Up to now, it's the only real competition in America to pit the best wines from each price class against each other to determine a standard best of range or kind. The Best contains more concerning how to acknowledge it.

To make sure that all wines are based o-n merit, judges for the competition don't know the identity of the wines they're tasting or do they know the wines that are joined.

Samuele might be fully experienced by pairing it with something as simple like a summer barbecue, foods roasted with herbs and garlic, in addition to heavier Italian dishes.

Viansa is a location vineyard at the entrance to the Sonoma Valley Wine Country. In addition to providing a range of award-winning California varietals, Viansa is the top maker of Italian varietals in the United States..