what Does Seer Score Mean?

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If you are considering changing your air con system to a excessive efficiency system you must know that the SEER score alone will not assure your energy savings. In case your new system is undercharged by 20% it could knock your new methods SEER ranking down as much as 1 full point, so you paid for the 14 seer but you're only getting the thirteen SEER. Earlier than the blacksmith or swordsmith truly starts hammering or heating the metal for a sword there is loads of work to be executed. It could take as long as 24 hours and this annealing process makes the sword mushy and straightforward to grind.

The air-conditioner works extra like a fridge, using a compressor to generate the cooling process. SEER is calculated by dividing the quantity of cooling supplied by the air conditioner or heat pump (Btu's per hour) by the ability (watts) used by the cooling gear under a selected set of seasonal situations. Because each piece of cooling tools is evaluated utilizing the very same situations, the score can be utilized in comparing the performance of apparatus from completely different producers. Larger scores might be achieved by producers who use newer or better expertise of their tools. Most manufacturers now a days suggest charging your new system by the sub cooling method.