The Qatar World Cup in 2022

The Qatar World Cup in 2022 remains a complication for FIFA, which received a warning from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to not play it in January or February. Joseph Blatter, President of FIFA (Federation International Football Association), and a member of the IOC, acknowledged in an interview published by the German magazine "Sport Bild" had received a call from Jacques Rogge. "I said.’No go for the World Cup in January or February of 2022! On those dates is the Winter Olympics'" said Blatter who raised the IOC President. The FIFA president said in July clearly thinks of changing the dates of the World Cup in June and July usually, to Fifa 16 Coins circumvent temperatures up to 50 degrees in the summer catarí intense.

In January and February, winter in the region, the heat is less. Following the call of Rogge, Blatter decided not to change the date to January or February to avoid affecting the Winter Games. The possibility is truer November / December 2022, already mentioned once by the Swiss.

The FIFA executive committee will discuss at its meeting on 3 and 4 October in Zurich the complex issue that generates resistance in the European leagues, including the English. FIFA Page Puts the U among Favorites to Win the Cup  Luis Suarez is Designed in Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins .