The quantification was performed by external calibration

Mean concentration of perfluoroalkyl substances (ng g− 1), total mass flux (TMF, g m− 2 d− 1), concentration of organic carbon (OC, % w/w) and grain size distribution (clay, silt and sand, % volume) in settling particles. Numbers in brackets show precision between 3 replicates (%RSD). Limits of detection and quantification (MLOD and MLOQ respectively) Pam3CSK4 also shown.SampleOpeningSamplingPFBAPFHxAPFOAPFNAPFOSTMFOCClaySiltSandDayDays(ng g− 1)(ng g− 1)(ng g− 1)(ng g− 1)(ng g− 1)g m− 2 d− 1(%)(%)(%)(%)CC300-116/12/11160.89 (9)4.86 (31)0.12 (13)< MLOQ< MLOD52.481.1833.965.90.3CC300-201/01/12150.85 (27)11.65 (10)< MLOD< MLOD1.33 (5)31.531.3133.765.60.8CC300-316/01/12161.65 (6)1.36 (13)< MLOD< MLOD< MLOQ24.151.4240.559.40.1CC300-401/02/12151.23 (15)1.10 (24)< MLOD< MLOQ0.99 (7)21.56nd15.522.961.6CC300-516/02/1214< MLOD< MLOQ< MLOD< MLOD6.15 (22)1.560.1312.526.161.4CC300-601/03/1215< MLOD0.89 (26)< MLOD< MLOD1.93 (1)1.530.8621.363.215.5CC300-716/03/1216< MLOD< MLOQ< MLOD< MLOD10.64 (13)0.341.9718.340.041.8CC300-801/04/12154.47 (11)4.24 (7)< MLOD< MLOD0.22 (10)9.491.1726.349.624.2CC300-916/04/1215< MLOD6.13 (18)< MLOD< MLOD1.87 (9)1.772.0838.159.62.3CC300-1001/05/1215< MLOD6.01 (14)< MLOD< MLOD< MLOQ6.261.9544.852.72.5CC300-1116/05/12161.80 (2)2.46 (35)< MLOD< MLOD0.22 (17)7.291.8243.954.12.1CC300-1201/06/1215< MLOD3.76 (29)< MLOD0.38 (19)0.52 (8)6.521.6244.054.11.9CC1000-116/12/11160.90 (13)10.66 (12)0.13 (30)< MLOD< MLOD6.291.4139.659.21.2CC1000-201/01/12154.95 (18)4.57 (9)0.14 (25)< MLOQ0.28 (24)2.722.1545.454.20.4CC1000-316/01/12161.26 (30)10.44 (21)0.17 (18)< MLOD< MLOD3.641.8243.256.20.6CC1000-401/02/12151.56 (28)8.57 (16)< MLOD< MLOD< MLOD68.161.2827.065.08.0CC1000-516/02/1214< MLOD6.64 (28)0.10 (1)0.37 (18)< MLOD27.900.8932.159.48.5MLOD0.0040.0040.0020.0030.002MLOQ0.0120.0130.0070.0100.006nd: not determined due to the presence of fish remains cuticle would have biased the results.MLOD and MLOQ were calculated based on the results from beach sand spiked with the mix of PFASs at 15 ng kg− 1 and according to equations given in Section 2.3.3.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV