In general AD reduces pathogen content

Technical data of GSK503 digestion plants.PlantCSTR type digestersElectrical power (kWe)Feed mixtureHRT Inga–Digb (days)Process temperature (°C)SeparatorHRT Dig–Pre sepc (days)P1Single digester180Slurry and manure pig2839 ± 1P2Primary and secondary digesters350Pig slurry, agricultural biomass (corn silage, triticale)40–4542 ± 1P3Primary and secondary digesters400Pig slurry, agro-products (bran, middlings, food industry waste)30–3540 ± 2P4Single digester999Pig slurry, maize silage, corn middlings, agri-food products35–4039 ± 1P53 primary, 1 post-digesters999Pig slurry, silage (maize, sorghum, triticale), concentrated waste olive oil4039 ± 1P62 primary, 1 secondary, 1 post-digesters999Pig slurry, maize silage, triticale7039 ± 1Helical27P7Primary and secondary digesters999Cattle slurry, maize silage35–4039 ± 1Helical–P8Primary and secondary digesters340Maize silage, whey permeate2439 ± 1Helical–P91 primary, 1 secondary, 1 post-digesters650Maize silage, triticale2039 ± 1Helical20P10Primary and secondary digesters999Cattle slurry, maize silage2039 ± 1Helical20aIng = ingestate tank.bDig = digestate tank.cPre sep = pre separation tank.Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV