Notes when children playing toys

Many parents like to give their children all sorts of toys, but there are accidents occur frequently for the wrong playing method. What should we pay attention to when we buy toys from toys manufacturer in China? Now there are some notes when children play toys.


First of all, do not let your baby put the toy imports to mouth to prevent the intake of harmful substances or swallowed a small toy, especially careful not to let the baby will be a hard, brittle toy in his mouth run, in order to avoid damage when a fall or pharyngeal other trauma. Like remote control toys supplier said that there are some little parts in toy cars when kids play the toy car. What’ more, do not buy things for the baby easy to blast to play, such as balloons, firecrackers, etc., so as not to hurt the baby's eyes during an explosion, especially the baby will not let the balloon debris into the mouth, so as not to unwittingly swallow the pieces into the trachea causing suffocation and death.


Finally, we should be careful for not to let children play volume toys which is too small to prevent the card to a child, with a pointed also pay attention to when we buy toys from China novelty toys wholesale online