You Can't Say That to Someone With a Tattoo

Did it hurt?

Yes, of course it did. Anyone who says getting a tattoo didn't hurt is a big fat liar!

When a person gets a tattoo, hundreds of tiny needles pierce that person's skin and depositing ink under the skin. What is unique to every person is their pain threshold and how they handled the pain.

What about your tattoos when you get older?

They will be an older persons with tattoos, simple! As over 50% of people have tattoos nowadays, they will be hanging out with the other rad 50% of older people, who also have tattoos.

Yes, tattoo's are for life and they get old, wrinkly and saggy. But they will still be a picture story of a person's life. Besides, who lives their lives thinking about when they get older?

Do you have a job?

The tattoos had to be paid for somehow! Tattooed people come from all walks of life and in most cases, yes, they will have a job or have held a job at some point.

A good tattoo is not cheap and can cost in the hundreds of dollars. Many workplaces are tolerant of tattoos, in particular when the staff members do not interact directly with the customers. When there is customer contact, often the person is asked to be discrete or is anyway, and covers them up.

Tattoos are literally everywhere nowadays!

What about when you get pregnant and have kids?

Then they will be a beach ball shaped and walk like a duck, while growing a small human inside of them-all while having a tattoo.They don't rub off or fall off when a person gets pregnant, so they will be pregnant and tattooed. Then they will be a tattooed parent.

In answer to the real question, yes, tattoos stretch when you get pregnant and they do not always go back into shape.

Do you regret your tattoos?

If they did, they probably wouldn't be telling you! Although yes, people can regret their tattoos.

This can be for many reasons: it didn't turn out right, it was too big or small, in a spot too visible, the list could go on. What ever that reason may be, it's rude to ask!