Classic Harumaki at the Best Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta

Harumaki, or Japanese spring rolls, are among classic dishes served with modern twist at the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta. Ippudo Indonesia introduces many Japanese classic dishes, snacks and comfort foods with modern twists. The dish originally came from China, and adapted with Japanese flair and became favorite snacks or appetizers. Harumaki is filled with lots of ingredients based on taste, but Ippudo Indonesia puts the signature ingredients in the spring rolls.

Japanese Classic Snacks with Ippudo Twist

Harumaki is a simple dish, with various fillings that you can pick from potatoes and carrots to meat and summer vegetables. Ippudo Indonesia adds Ippudo’s signature ingredients in crispy harumaki; minced pork, which is also featured in Hakata ramen broth that becomes Ippudo’s main dish. The chef uses only the best pork to be stuffed into the harumaki, cooked with curry spice to add flavor profile in the classic spring rolls.

Ippudo harumaki also uses cheese in the spring rolls. Together with the curry spices and minced pork, they become flavorful appetizers or side dishes for your ramen. The harumaki is served with fresh vegetables to balance the rich taste. Served in white bowl, the combination between spring rolls, colorful vegetables and rich dipping sauce create visual experience as great as the flavor profile.

Ippudo’s Classic Twists, Favorite of Japanese Food Lovers

Ippudo Indonesia earned popularity quickly because of its twists in Japanese classic dishes. Even the simple spring rolls can be richer in look and flavor, with the addition of curry spices and cheese. Ippudo commits to create innovative dishes to give new experiences for Japanese food lovers, so you can get new experiences whenever you visit Ippudo for some Japanese foods.

Ippudo curry harumaki is just one among various innovative dishes at the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, and a part of creative side dishes for the restaurant’s Hakata ramen.