QM400HA-H Mitsubishi Power Module

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QM400HA-H is the best choice if you want to boost the performance level of your AC motor controller. Manufactured by Mitsubishi, this insulated type power transistor module is designed to withstand heavy operations. It weighs only 1.41 lbs., with a collector emitter amount of 600V and a 400A collector current.


QM400HA-H is known for being a high power switching use mitsubishi module. It has unique abilities that can crank up the vector algorithm of an AC motor controller. One of its abilities is to permit the motor control to generate maximum torque and optimal efficiency across the whole speed spectrum.


QM400HA-H has two most outstanding features; the superb insulation and sophisticated construction. Technically, these are the module’s best qualities.


Expect three benefits from using Mitsubishi QM400HA-H. First is its proven efficiency to upgrade the capacity of your AC motor control. Second is its unmatched durability, and lastly is its economical and reasonable price, making it a worthy investment.