Why WordPress is The First Choice of Developers!

Web developers can make good use of tools, which can help in the development of finest of the websites. CMS (Content Management System) is a complement for the website developers. Another complement, available for the developers is WordPress, which is one of the finest, used for the purpose of website development. WordPress is the first choice as it is compatible with website design and development, companies in NYC have made good use of it.

PHP and MySQL are the two languages, on which WordPress is based. WordPress came into being in 2003, which helps in managing websites and blogs. The best thing about this is – It is free for all. The installation of the same can be done from the official website. The advantages of using WordPress are immense. The list of the advantages is as follows –

Easiest of All – The tool is easy to use, a beginner can make good use of it. The web developer can make good use of WordPress. The download of the same is done in the simplest steps. The features and other aspects can also be learnt in the simpler methods.

Simplest of All – A simple, clear interface is provided by the WordPress. The developers can learn bit of it without any hassles. This is also considered the simplest of all.

Number of Choices – A number of options is available like creation of websites and blogs, etc. The creation and maintenance of the websites is an easier aspect in this. There is also availability of various themes, which can help in presenting the websites in different ways. If a base of PHP is given, the powerful generation of a website can take place without any hassles.

Option of Customization – The total control is available with the developers. The creation, design, maintenance and managing content on WordPress can be customized in the suitable manner. Once the website goes live, customization can be done without any hassles.

SEO Enabled– The Search Engine Marketing (SEO) is the one, which makes the most use of WordPress. The managing of content, websites, pages and blogs, etc. can be done in WordPress, as it cooperates with SEO. The higher rankings in SERP can also be achieved, when SEO and WordPress are together.