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AcknowledgmentsThe present research was supported by Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosi and Centro de Investigación en Materiales Avanzados Unidad Chihuahua, and financial support by CONACYT ATC 0065 appreciated. A special acknowledgment is extended to Claudia Elias and Rosalina Tovar for the technical assistance.
Al matrix composite; Quasicrystal; Al–Cu–Fe
1. Introduction
Quasicrystals are the solids with quasi-periodic atomic structures and crystallographic symmetries forbidden to ordinary periodic crystals. Because of the special structure quasicrystals possess unique physico-mechanical properties. The mechanical properties such as high strength and hardness, high elastic modulus, low friction coefficient [1] and [2] are very promising in industrial application but high brittleness are the main disadvantages to applied quasicrystals as material in bulk shape. For mesophytic leaves reason quasicrystals could be utilized in the form of coatings or as strengthening phase in alloys and composites. The stable Al–Cu–Fe quasicrystals are more attractive compare to the other systems because non toxic and low cost components [3].