Junuzovi successfully pass in the area

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The area groups quitting, both groups want to continue excellent. The first three moments, Bartels soccer ball, Fritz limited right-wing taken was resolved goalie. The first 12 moments, long-range a little bit Takashi Inui's hit great. The first 20 moments, Ozzie Puka soccer ball, long-range Dangxia Maier goalie. The first 34 moments of the experience, successfully pass, Kirsten Della taken hit the remaining publish pop-up, followed by the top remaining area taken from within the charge place Maier little, Bremen, Frankfurt a 1-0 cause.

The first 45 moments, Junuzovi successfully pass in the area, a little place within Gebrselassie headlines hit the reduced right area, to tie it at 1 Bremen 1 level.The first 52 moments, Takashi Inui winger manufacturing front part confusion within little limited place right feet hit Leipzig, Frankfurt, Bremen 2 to 1 cause again. The first 59 moments, the middle Bamba and Mayr were goalie declined. The first 65 moments, Bamba soccer ball, a little place within the middle of the box hit the crossbar Aigner pop.Buy Fifa 16 XBOX One Coins to salefifa16coins.com