Reasons to Replace Missing Smile

Many patients believe that losing a tooth is not a serious problem, especially if it cannot be seen when smiling. By not compromising the hidden aesthetics of your smile, a person should visit the dentist and repair the issue. Actually, there are different reasons for replacing missing teeth, which involves many options that patients have at their disposal. The first step is to undoubtedly visit a Family Dental Practice and dentists in hamilton be informed of available treatments.

Although some patients choose to postpone the replacement of missing teeth, as time passes they will notice difficulties related to the loss. Trouble chewing certain foods are one case in point. However, there are other reasons the patient must take account concerning the functional aspect. In the long term, these could be triggered the following situations:

Bone loss: When the teeth are lost, the gums recede causing bone loss. Although the situation is severe, a dentist in oakwood ga may even solve the problem through specific techniques: bone grafting and dental implant placement. However, to avoid such invasive and long lasting treatments, it is necessary to address the loss of teeth as soon as possible.

Changes in facial structure: One of the functions of teeth and gums is to support a person’s face. When teeth are lost, the jaw contracts and creates the sensation of a shorter face, being a factor that accelerates apparent aging. Replacing missing teeth with the help of a dentist braselton ga is a guarantee to keep facial harmony and beauty.

Distance from the teeth when the patient loses a single tooth causes others to move, which means excessive spacing occurs. Thus, the lack of a tooth can bring about more complicated situations with other teeth. If this happens, the plan and execution of treatment will be more complicated.

Actually, there are many applications to replace missing teeth, the most effective is dental implants. These implants are small titanium parts which are inserted into the jawbone instead of the natural tooth root. They are made with a generally biocompatible material titanium is known to form a solid bond with bone. This artificial root serves as a basis for fixing single crowns or multi-unit bridges.

Understanding the need to replace missing teeth is really important. However, preventive measures are always the best option. Caring for teeth by brushing daily, using floss and rinsing with fluoride are all appropriate practices when trying to keep teeth healthy. Your local dentist flowery branch ga will recommend regular visits to the clinic, which will help you maintain a healthy and natural smile.