O2O model bring about new business enterprise opportunities within the LED show is Joy and sorrow

 The so-called O2O (OnlineToOffline), namely the line to the subsequent line, refers to the line of business enterprise possibilities and the combination in the Internet, on the web transactions and service lines beneath among the new company model. This concept was initially from the United states of america, in recent years, the rapid improvement from the domestic World-wide-web, crazy expansion of e-commerce, producing O2O model quickly became the most recent wave, by far the most popular business enterprise model.(led traffic display)



 Indeed O2O not younger item, O2O in foreign customer markets application currently includes a considerable size and marketplace maturity. While there are various domestic success stories, but for the vast majority of standard organizations, on-line and offline, "disconnect" is caused by its roots can not genuinely implement O2O model. For instance, some electric provider enterprise thinking with all the standard World-wide-web, permitting users to buy solutions on line, but can not get the next line services; line the store can also be reluctant to supply sources to on the net customers. Nowadays, a growing number of organizations recognize that so that you can truly benefit from O2O mode, it's important to make seamless on line and offline sources.


 O2O our present improvement environment is extremely optimistic. Initial, due to the speedy development of mobile Web technology, the docking of online and offline solutions to supply technical and equipment help, but also to enhance the acceptance of shoppers combine on the web and offline service mode, do the adequate Prepare awareness.


 Second, the development of show technology for the promotion of assisted O2O model. In current years, using the improvement of display technologies, some new facts emerging service model. As an example, the development led show, led to a extra diverse product forms birth marketing, for example to meet the vibrant display for outside use, high protection along with other displays. Touch technologies appeared, gave birth for the interactive touch screen, delivers companies with extra tools to interact with consumers.(car park sign)


 By far the most critical point is the fact that prior to O2O, our country currently has several years of practical experience in advertising the display, to promote O2O model created complete market ready.


 O2O mode convergence and led display for the large-screen show devices bring new possibilities. LED marketing screen inside the field drastically benefit from, and come to be one of the key forces. Indoor modest pitch LED screen will likely be increasingly broadly made use of, outside led display will also get considerable improvement.