The cyclic polarisation curves obtained

Fig. 5. Energy dependences of the non-dipolar parameters for the second order corrections to the photoemission cross section [see Eq. (7)]. Diamonds: Si 2s1/2 photoelectrons; triangles: Cu 2p3/2 photoelectrons: squares: Ag 3d5/2 photoelectrons; circles: Au 4f7/2 photoelectrons. Lines are shown to guide the eye. (a) Parameter Δβunp; (b) parameter ξ.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
An example of photoelectric cross sections calculated from different approximations Temsirolimus shown in Fig. 6. These cross sections were calculated for Au 4f7/2 photoelectrons from Eqs. (2), (3) and (7). To facilitate comparison, we plot the normalized cross sectionequation(8)σ(N)=1σxdσxdΩ
Fig. 6. Comparison of the normalized differential photoemission cross sections calculated for Au 4f7/2 photoelectrons. Dotted line: the DA expression; dashed line: the NDA1 expression; solid line: the NDA2 expression. (a) Photoelectron kinetic energy of 1 keV; (b) 3 keV; (c) 5 keV; (d) 10 keV.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide