Internet Gaming with Real Cats

Play With Adoptable KittensSomething new is appearing on computer screens around the world: real kittens, needing real adoptions, playing with toys operated by anyone, anywhere in the world! Not only that, this incredible leap in technology is happening in small humane societies in Idaho and Oregon; soon to expand into your area!

Online Gaming Meets Wild Imaginations

It certainly seems like science fiction, but a new million dollar technology has been launched by a small company named Apriori Control out of Boise, Idaho. Headed by techno-genius Scott Harris, Apriori Control has taken online gaming to a new level. What is now the iPetCompanion started as a playroom idea to shoot paintballs at real human targets.

The original room can still be found down in Aprioris office basement: a thin green room with a couch, TV, small lamp and chair. As the Apriori tech team perfected their robotic technology the hope was to get a guy to sit on the couch until someone came online, grabbed the controls and started shooting automatic paintballs at the, hopefully acrobatic, target.

Apparently, technical difficulties were easier to overcome than the human difficulties of keeping the show going with willing targets, and in convincing players that the room was real and real-time. Now the room sits waiting for another brilliant idea to strike the team. Meanwhile, the world is rushing to Apriori Controls door with a multitude of its own ideas.

Animal Lovers and Humane Societies Join the Game

In the spring of 2010 the Idaho Humane Society teamed up with Apriori to install the real-time robotics in a room full of adoptable kittens. The transformation was relatively easy for both the technology and the facility resulting in a launch that has captured the imagination of cat lovers and media. The result was in huge spike in adoptions and donations to the Humane Society.

Quickly following the Idaho launch, the Oregon Humane Society installed robotics in its adoption room, and experienced the same results. In fact, adoptions are so robust and long reaching that a man from Greece came online, fell in love with a kitten, and adopted her from across the seas.

Apriori Control now has a growing list of Humane Societies across the country looking for the funding to get their own robotic room in operation. The kitties needing adopted are also in need. And many ask, What about puppies? Can they play too?

Real Life Online Gaming

See for yourself and youll feel the magic:

Idaho Humane SocietyOregon Humane Society

The playroom page requires Microsofts streaming program Silverlight which can be downloaded quickly from the page. A few clicks, a few seconds, and you arrive at the play page where you have an opportunity to chat with other cat lovers and get in line to play. As the timer clicks down you can watch the other players in their turn.

Occasionally the kittens will be sleeping or uninterested in robotic toys bouncing around the room. But more often than not they are ready to play and attack the bouncing toys with passion and glee.

There are three toys, each with its own button. Click a button and a string will bounce, or a ball will roll, or a tail will whip across the floor. You can also move a web cam around to get different views of the room to find all the kitties that may be hiding in various nooks and crannies around the room.

Whats Next for Online Robotic Gaming?

Online web cams and simple operations are not new to the web. The leap taken by Apriori, however, is a seamless, lag free experience in operating remote controls. With this type of technology the sky is the limit and it seems like great ideas are falling out of the sky to the tech team. What about feeding lions down at the zoo? Or playing in a professional hockey game? Or driving a car from a computer browser? Would it be possible to clean snow from satellite disks, or can we interact at childrens museums?

One way or the other, if you can drag yourself away from playing with the cats its worth keeping an eye on Apriori Control. Something is always in the works down in the office basement.