In the next stage the physicochemical characteristics of silver particles

The adsorption processes of tannin at PAH monolayers were studied using streaming potential measurements according to the previously described procedure [18] and [25].
The kinetics of particle deposition at PAH monolayers was studied using AFM and SEM. AFM measurements were carried out using the NT-MDT Solver Pro instrument with the SMENA SFC050L scanning head. The imaging was done in semi-contact mode using composite probes possessing a silicon body, polysilicon levers and high Furosemide silicon tips. The SEM investigations were carried out using the parietal lobe JEOL JSM-7500F Field Emission microscope at 15 kV. The number of particles per unit area of the substrate was determined from the AFM images or SEM micrographs using image-analysis software MultiScan Base. Typically, the number of particles was determined over 10−15 equally sized areas, which were randomly chosen over the PAH pre-covered mica sheets.
3. Results and discussion
3.1. Characterization of tannin and silver nanoparticles