In May the plant adopted the lease model

3.3.2. The commission model: Tianhuangping model
In this Methimazole model, ownership is separated from operation. The operation of the PSH plant is assigned to the grid company. A small number of plants operate under this model. A typical example is the Tianhuangping Plant in Zhejiang Province. In 1998, Tianhuangping Pumped Storage Hydroelectricity Co. Ltd., the owner of the plant, entered into a commission agreement with the East China Grid Company (the ECGC), entrusting the ECGC with the daily operation of the PSH plant including production safety, electricity tariff scheme, equipment overhaul and maintenance, and purchase of spare parts. The output of the plant is dispatched by the ECGC and distributed to the three provinces and one municipality within the jurisdiction of the ECGC.
The two-part tariff regime, which has been applied to conditioned response plant ever since 2000, consists of a capacity tariff and a generation tariff (FIT). The capacity tariff (also called commission fee) paid to the PSH plant was set through negotiation between the plant and the ECGC. The Plant receives a capacity tariff of RMB 470/kW per year and a FIT of RMB 0.7915/kW h while paying RMB 0.3453/kW h to the grid company for pumping water [18].