New on FIFA 16

If you are a sports game lover, you might recognize FIFA 16. It is the latest production of EA Sports that would coming out this year and would add along the past FIFA series. EA Sports have been taking the name for being the lead of all football games by the fact that FIFA series have been extremely successful franchise.

Living up to the reputation as one of the most ruling games in the sports gaming industry, EA Sports made numerous of new features and improvements that was concluded with the arrival of FIFA 16. The hype of FIFA 16 is quite huge, and maybe even more than the previous series. This proven by the fact that many people have been going crazy over the fact that FIFA 16 had been completed and is going to be released soon.


Women Football Players

Before FIFA 16, the series have never had female players before. And the fact that it is now presented makes a lot of female fans of FIFA excited and giving positive response. When the demo came out, it has been fascinating for the players who found that the graphic and the details are improved, making it more authentic as the actual National Team football players. Check free coin at FIFA 16 coin generator