FIFA 16: New Number New Features

FIFA 16 has been one of the most anticipated sport games this year despite that it has not been released. If you are a FIFA lover, you may know that there are new features, including: the improvement on the graphic and animation, more varied tackles, enhanced agility of the defender’s movements, and many more. These upgrades would certainly make your gaming experience become more lively, as well as providing more options for your strategic strives on the field.

The new features would also provide you a better and a more expanded career mode. Also the nifty training mode that allows more development for specific skills. The career mode is also modified to be more realistic, giving you a better perspective on what is happening on-field and off-field.


Expansion View on the World of Football

As you may also know, FIFA 16 is going to include female players. It features 12 real teams from all over the world. Not only that, the animation was designed to perfectly portray the swift movements of the actual players through motion capture technique. This will definitely give you more gaming experience and give more exposure on the female football league. Check free coin at FIFA 16 Coin Generator