Leaving No Baggage Behind – Complete Apple Mail Export to PST with Digital Tweaks

Leaving No Baggage Behind – Complete Apple Mail Export to PST with Digital Tweaks

It’s not always that one can have the best of both worlds. While Mac is the machine that everybody wants to own, Apple Mail is one email client that does not cater much to email and data sharing needs. In the latter regard, Windows Outlook bags the point. So, when decides to change one’s email client from Apple Mail to Outlook, one is also likely to move to this new destination with one’s baggage that must be left behind in Mac Mail. This particular process of email migration wherein you must export Mac Mail to Outlook gains critical importance.


Why is it so Important Mailbox Export to Outlook PST?


It is definitely painful to leave that baggage behind which you are the most in need of. Same is the case here. Just because one chooses to move forward to MS Outlook, it doesn’t mean that one should be ready to part with all that was there in one’s Mailbox. Export Mailbox to PST procedure is one such procedure that helps you retrieve your Apple Mail data in a form that is compatible with Windows Outlook.


Why is there a Risk of Leaving the Baggage Behind?


The storage support formats of the two email clients are different from each other. Whereas Apple Mail contains MBOX files, MS Outlook contains PST files. When we export Mailbox to PST, any error in conversion can make your data go missing. There are all chances of missing the Apple Mail data if the Mailbox to PST export is not accurate.


For this very reason, it is highly recommended that users opt for an automated converter that offers high security Mac Mail to Outlook export tool which not only does its job safely, but also with swiftness and accuracy. http://www.digitaltweaks.com/export-mailbox/