Five Reasons Why You Need a Converter to Convert PST to Thunderbird

Five Reasons Why You Need a Converter to Convert PST to Thunderbird

First and Foremost, What is a PST to Thunderbird Converter?


A PST to Thunderbird converter is that automated email migration solution that specialises in the conversion of PST data to Thunderbird compatible data. It is made use of when one wants to preserve the Outlook email data by carrying it forward in the form of the MBOX / HTML data that is compatible with Thunderbird.


Top 5 Reasons why You Should Prefer a PST to Thunderbird Conversion Tool


  1. Attachments and Metadata

With manual conversion, one may face this huge risk of getting the attachments mutilated or metadata like the status and properties of the email messages may be lost. If one converts PST to Thunderbird with an automated converter, these two risks are easily averted.


  1. Data Integrity

During email migration, one can lose data because of various reasons, the major of them being improper conversion of PST to Thunderbird. The fact that email migration tools are pre-programmed to do their job makes them expert and the use of Unicode conversions by many tools makes them dynamic. So, data loss is diminished with the use of such tools.


  1. Bulk Mail Conversion

In case one wishes to convert bulk mail from PST to Thunderbird, a converter is the best idea for it not only saves time and effort but also keeps the data totally safe.


  1. Organised Approach

The best PST to Thunderbird converters follow a very organised approach. Apart from eliciting the data on their own, they enable you preview all that is being done. The best thing is that they organise them well at their destined location.


  1. Customisation

These converters leave it up to you the choices that you want to make from the Apple Mail data that is available for import. You may simply import all the data or sift some; it leaves the decision up to you.