What You Need To Know About Timber Subflooring

Timber subflooring is one of the revitalized trends that no one who loves style wants to miss out. It is among the most executive forms of subflooring that interior designers as well as architects are today encouraging most people to opt for. Elastilonusa subfloor systemis elegant when well maintained and that’s why it is important that we understand how we can maintain these types of subfloors for durability in terms of appeal and total value.

Conditioning of the Wood

If you are an owner of a timber subfloor system home, regular maintenance practices must not be an option but a necessity. Without regular maintenance, your subfloor will never keep its glittering aesthetic appeal. It will therefore be of no value to have this form of subfloor in your home in the first place. The finished surfaces need to be kept clean through regular mopping, dusting and vacuuming processes. This ensures that dirt and grit build up is discouraged from these finished surfaces.

When cleaning wooden subfloor systems, you should use water only when necessary. The water should also be as little as possible. Remember that wood plus water equal to rotting. To ensure that the moisture content of the timber is not raised, also ensure that the water used in mopping is dried as fast as possible. The use of a timber subfloor cleaner should be encouraged since this does not only restore the timber subfloor to its new state but also protects the subfloor from damage. It is never a good idea to introduce detergents when cleaning a timber subfloor.

Warmth and Inviting Nature of Timber Subfloors

Timber subfloors are very warm and inviting. Apart from the physical warmth associated with them, especially during winter, there is an aspect of psychological warmth both to the visitors and the occupants of a home with this type of subflooring. The aesthetic value associated with timber will not fail to give you the desire to stay longer. They are therefore very inviting to your visitors, clients and customers.

During cold weather, timber subfloors are very warm. On the other hand, during hot weather, they are cool and comfortable to your feet. This means that timber subfloors are not only essential in the addition of a room’s character but is also important for your health as well as your comfort.

Without proper idea on how to select the best timber subflooring material, and without a proper knowledge on the maintenance practices, you may not realize the beauty associated with this type of subflooring in the long run.

Pros or Benefits

  • Timber subflooringsystems are stylish, modern and executive
  • Though re-standing is required, it’s not as regular and as intensive as the re-standing done to other forms of subfloors.
  • It is very easy to install these forms of subfloor products.
  • It is associated with superiority in terms of strength, appearance and durability.
  • It has a large number and varieties of designs for you to choose from
  • This is an environmentally and ecofriendly subflooring material
  • Environmentally hypersensitive people such as those suffering from Asthma and hay fever allergy are very safe in houses having timber subflooring because such materials do not have any allergens.