Choosing The Accurate Air Compressor For Gold Seaside Jobs

Those doing jobs that require air compressors in the towns of Gold coast and Tooowoomba, need to make sure to use the correct air compressors gold coast for the job at hand. There are several different types of air compressors on the market. The air compressors gold coast area come in three main types. The most commonly used are the piston compressors gold coast type. Then there are the rotary screw compressors and the scroll compressors. Each type of air compressor gun has different construction and different strengths and weaknesses. Each is best for different kinds of uses.

The Reciprocating Piston Air Compressor

This is a high pressure-low flow type of compressor. Reciprocating literally means moving back and forth. This type of compressor uses a piston moving inside a cylinder to compress air. It uses two sets of valves to control the air intake and exhaust. This type of compressor comes lubricated or oil free and is available in from one HP to 30 HP. This kind of compressor is best for workshop use running hand tools, cleaning dust and small painting jobs. It is inexpensive and easy to maintain but is noisy and the compressed air gets hot.

The Rotary Screw Air Compressor

This compressor is designed to compress air using two helical screw rotors turning in opposite directions with very little space between them. This compressor provides a large amount of compressed air for jobs like sand blasting. The oil injected version is the most common at the lowest price. The oil free version costs more and is used for jobs needing clean, oil free air. This compressor is relatively expensive and has a more complex design. It has low noise and is energy efficient.

The Scroll Compressor

This is less used but runs smoothly with little noise. It compresses air by using two spiral elements. One is still and the other one moves in small circles. This compressor is compact in size and runs quietly. It is the one to use when small amounts of clean, oil-free air are required. The air from this compressor gets very hot. It has a relatively low capacity but is low maintenance with a simple design.

The experts at the air compressor supplier should be able to advise customers on which type of compressor will work best for their job. The reciprocating piston air compressor is the most commonly used type. Another way to find out more about air compressors is to go to the website.