we could evenhave a biennial crop, for example,

They're perennial, annual, and we could evenhave a biennial crop, for example, or double cropping. All of that ties into our cropping intervals or periods,keeping the ground covered, keeping a diverse rootsystem, et cetera. Planting tillage maturity  Cognimaxx xl dates-- we can adjust those,so if we have plant a 90-day corn versus 120-day corn,we can work that into our harvest datesand our maturity and our growth curves. Termination-- we might be planting a cover crop we onlywant six to eight weeks of growth,especially here in the semi-arid areas as you get further west. We don't want to let too much vegetation grow,so we can terminate, and it'll stop that growth. Climate-- we talked about that-- affects growthand decomposition, your rainfall amount,and of course, your temperature affect decomposition as well asgrowth. And then diversity is a major part of our soil's conditioningindex rating.