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The Smart Guide to Smart Phone Insurance Most of us, why dont we acknowledge, are scatter-brained and at least, slightly disorganized, to say the least. As far as cellphone handsets go, the most organized of users, often lose, or have their own device damaged in one way or other. We are not even talking about outright theft, or obtaining the handset accidentally, nicked or worse, even wet by exposing the crooks to water. And the calls escalate, a lot more people find methods to defend themselves against telemarketers like putting caller IDs of their phones and not answering any 1 800 number that calls, using answering machines and voicemail to screen out non important callers or whenever they totally shouldnt be bothered with calls on this nature, consumers request their name to get put in the tend not to call list and when a telemarketer calls numbers about this list, they maybe fined 1000s of dollars. But as consumers evolve, so are the family gadget insurance ways telemarketing companies do their business. Their callers is now able to call your cellphones and so they do it cheaply by making use of VOiP or voice over internet protocol plus they can call every cell phone in the US and Canada unlimited and so they can always claim that they comply on the tend not to call list because they are not calling your landline however your cellphone. Most of the time it happens that ones phone get damaged by letting drowned in the bucket of water. In this case, if phone is insured then the mobile insurance company will bear the price of repair. And, if regardless, phone cannot be repaired, then users are given replacement within two days from the company. Everyone loves to become secured, so alike home and property insurance, you have to choose cellular phone insurance inorder to relish features of dear handset a lot more. Its a good thing I have cellphone insurance for my phone and I surely could contain it repaired after it hang as a result of many messages it received concurrently. And if my phone insurance hadnt were built with a specific cover concerning this form of damage, it was gonna be a headache. I guess the lesson learned this is, the very next time you will definately get mobile insurance, also request the mistaken identity clause to cover you too should you be mistaken becoming a macho man and solicited for any massage.