Installed Lawn Irrigation Systems by Simon Graham

Satisfying Both The Homeowner And The Yard: Installed Lawn Irrigation Systems

by: Simon Graham

Save Time, Money, and Energy with an Installed Lawn Irrigation System

Summer is meant to be a time of relaxation and refreshment, and that is why many homeowners are turning to installed to save them the trouble of dealing with yard work. Not only do installed lawn irrigation systems save time and money, but they are also great at saving water. Whether the lawn is large or small, flat or sloped, lawn irrigation systems are tailored to fit your yard's needs and keep it looking healthy and green all summer long.

The two most common types of sprinkler heads are the spray and rotor. The spray head can be installed to spring out of the ground when turned on, or are permanently above ground. The spray head has a high application rate, which simply means that they spout large amounts of water in a short period of time. They are best used on even surfaces, otherwise you risk wasteful run-off on a slope. They do not rotate, and because the spray nozzle is a finer nozzle it runs the risk of getting clogged easier. However, the spray nozzle comes in a variety of nozzle patterns and distances.

The rotor head, on the other hand, is better suited for uneven lawns or slopes because of the rotating nozzle. They have a lower application rate and are better suited for larger plots of land. Because the nozzle has a larger opening, the risk of getting clogged is lessened and it can water as much land as a spray with less sprinkler heads. Because of the rotation, however, it may take three times longer to water an area.

Both spray heads will ensure a greener lawn, and both will provide any homeowner with a relaxing and easy summer. Without hoses to untangle or sprinklers to turn on and off, your summer is suddenly free to do all the things you were hoping to do. You can travel without worry of returning to a dried up yard. You can take your weekend mornings to enjoy your lawn without having to stand for hours watering it. No more run-off water on your house and driveway, and no more forgetting the sprinkler at nights. Installed lawn irrigation systems remove the stress of lawn work quickly and consistently.

Along with time saved, homeowners will be saving themselves money too. Water bills can skyrocket during the summer with the struggle to maintain a green and healthy lawn. Installed irrigation systems will ensure that your lawn is getting the right amount of water in the right areas. Run-off water is a waste and leaky hoses waste even more. Each lawn irrigation system is custom set to ensure that your lawn is given the right amount of water in the right spots, and that ensures you a lower, predictable water bill.

The environment will also benefit from the conserved water and the proper application of water to a homeowners lawn. Installing an irrigation system forces a homeowner to understand and take responsibility of their lawn and water used, and when you understand what your lawn demands you will be able to wield better results. More plants, a healthier yard, and a fresh environment are just a few benefits of a well watered lawn.

For those who travel or who would rather be sleeping in on the weekends than out water, an installed irrigation system is a must have. Installed irrigation systems only need to be programmed once and can be controlled after with a push of a button. Homeowners will never have to worry about leaving their lawn and coming back to it brown and dried up. Sensors can be connected to keep the sprinklers from wasting water when it rains, and homeowners get to choose the time and duration of each sprinkler round. Watering your lawn has never been so simple or consistent.

With all the time and money saved using an installed irrigation system, homeowners can finally make the most of their summers. The process is simple and the results priceless. It has never been so easy to have a green and healthy lawn, and with minimum effort. Forget about hoses and sprinklers and wasteful run-off. An installed irrigation system will take care of your lawn personally and regularly.