Folding Lawn Chairs for Big Tall and Fat People

Camp chairs and lawn style chairs are very convenient. You can easily throw them in the trunk of your car and have a comfortable seat wherever you may end up at. Many people will buy their portable folding lawn chairs at stores such as Wal-Mart.

Buying your folding lawn chairs from a store such as Wal-Mart is a pretty good idea, unless you weight a lot. For us big, tall, and fat people there is not much of a selection at our local stores. As a big person we need chairs that are wide, durable, and able to withstand tremendous weights.

You may weigh 300 pounds, but you need a chair that is rated for more weight than that. When you initially "plop" down into your chair you exert much more than your body weight on the chair. Finding chairs that are truly designed for heavy people can be hard, if not impossible to find unless you shop online.

Here are some chairs that have been designed for big and tall people that are rated excellent.

King Pin Chair

This Big Boy Camp Chair is the big daddy of all camp chairs. It is a foldable chair, yet it may not fit into the trunk of your car. That's me in the picture. I am 6'3" and 326 pounds, yet this chair dwarfs me. If you have room to take this bad boy chair camping then you will be sitting in the lap of luxury.

have a reputation of being lazy. You can easily live up to that reputation with this chair as it holds a 6 pack of soda or beer in the arms. Not one or two cup holders but 6! With 6 cold drinks in the arms you can sit around the camp fire for hours without ever having to get up to replace your empty drink: That is if your bladder can make it that long.

This chair is sold at D&B Supply. If there is not a D&B Farm Supply store in your area then take a look at who also sells this chair. This chair is marketed under different names by many online retailers.