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conoscere donne Some players believe that rusted wedges can provide extra spin, hence producing more grip. A mulligan is nothing but a free shot that a player takes if the previous shot was not well taken. It also means the score registered by a golfer for those 18 holes. Long Iron: These are long-shafted, steep-faced normally numbering from 1 to 4 long distance irons. Green: Green is the completion of a golf hole, at the spot of the location of the flagstick and the cup. Golf Swing or Swing: Swing is to go through the stroke or a considerable jump in a score. Hogan had no pause in transition. Basically a stadium golf course will have greens giving something like an amphitheater effect. Then, out of them, the best is selected and the players carry on until the ball is holed. Negative factors like stress and depression can also affect concentration and disrupt the ideal balance between physical and mental health. Try to interact with the owner to know about the condition and performance of the cart. Asking for advice and indicating line of play. Bounce: The measurement of the angle (in degrees) from the front edge of the sole of a club till the point actually resting on the ground on the spot of address is called bounce. Flatstick: It is a slang for putter as putter faces are supposed to be flat compared to other golf clubs.